The comedians told Zelensky what to do after the presidency


Zelensky and Kosheva.


Famous actor and former colleague of Vladimir Zelensky, Yevgeny Kosheva, said that the current president of Ukraine will be able to return to the post of artistic director after the end of the presidential mandate.

Zelensky and Kosheva. Photo –

It is reported by “Corresponding“, Reports” MFN “.

“We will be happy to accept Zelensky to the post he held before the presidency. He was an excellent artistic director. I now hold this position, but I would be happy to see him again in this position in our team. For 15 years I have just worked as a team, and after Zelensky’s victory in the elections, a new responsibility fell on my shoulders. It happened very quickly. Interesting moment, ”said Kosheva.

Thus, we can expect that Vladimir Zelensky will sooner or later return to humorous creativity and admirers of his talent will be able to immerse themselves in the funny new projects of the recognized actor.

Recall, as indicated above, that the “DPR” turned to Europe with an unusual initiative: legal action was taken against Ukraine.

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