The conflict in Grozny: the Chechen police force severely treated the Rosgvardeytsy



In Chechnya, local law enforcement officers carried out an operation against the non-local Rosgvardeytsy, who bought a large quantity of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages have been selected and eliminated.

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It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

The scandal has troubled residents of Chechnya. Rosgvardeytsy, a non-local, went to Grozny to buy a big batch of alcohol on behalf of his senior colleagues. Chechen police detained them and forced them to destroy the alcohol by publicly punishing them.

The 13 Rosgvardeytsy were arrested and the entire stock of alcohol was destroyed. The incident occurred without resistance from representatives of internal troops of the Russian Federation. They peacefully endured punitive measures by the police and voluntarily subjected their purchases to destruction.

Russian sources are ironic in this regard and note: “The personnel did not suffer casualties, however, there was confusion in the ranks and morale dropped sharply. The treacherous attack by the security forces will not be forgotten by the soldiers of the Russian Federation. “

Recall, as previously stated, Soloviev publicly humiliated: Takrarov about the Russian propagandist.

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