The conflict is in decline: the inhabitants of the “DPR” are perplexed in front of the “regime of silence”



Soon, the “DPR” could announce the complete abolition of the highest combat readiness regime. The public and local journalists report extremely surprising information for the civilian population outside of Donbass control. The situation seems mixed.

Flag of the “DPR”. Photo –

It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

The source notes that ORDO leaders intend to publicly declare a course on “reducing the level of combat readiness” soon.

“According to information from the” NM “unit, the” DPR “has received a tacit order to prepare for the” regime of silence “”, they write.

However, local residents note that there is no clear evidence that the aggressive atmosphere will decline. Activists are always ready to strike. We know that military operations are underway at the moment.

Attention should be paid to the fact that “LPR” chief Leonid Pasechnik has openly announced the abolition of the full combat readiness regime.

Let us recall, as indicated previously, that a technical dysfunction put Solovyov in a very delicate position: the nerves of the propagandist could not bear it.



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