The court ordered NABU to open a file on Leros’ appeal



The court ordered NABU to open a file on Leros' appeal

The court ordered NABU to open a file on Leros’ appeal

02/02.2020 21:44


The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court ordered NABU to register the complaint of people’s deputy Geo Leros concerning the commission of a criminal offense by the brother of the president’s office chief Andrei Yermak.

This was announced on Facebook by the WAKS press service.

“Today, June 2, the WAKS investigating judge partially satisfied the complaint of the representative of the people’s deputy of the ninth summons and ordered the person authorized by the NABU to submit information on the offense The criminal proceedings mentioned in the request to the URDR. The court also ordered the NABU to initiate a preliminary investigation into these facts. ” says the message.

According to the court, the press release contained data and circumstances concerning previously published videos in which one of the relatives of a senior official in the office of the President of Ukraine “selected” candidates for various positions in government bodies.

“It should be noted that, in making such a decision, the investigating judge does not assess the facts set out in the complaint, but only obliges to enter the relevant information and to initiate a preliminary inquiry into these facts. is determined by the preliminary investigation body, “noted VAKS.

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As reported, on March 29, MP Geo Leros (faction of the Party Servant of the People) posted several videos on Facebook in which the brother of the Speaker of the Parliament, Andrei Yermak, allegedly discussed with his interlocutors questions concerning the appointment to government posts.

Yermak appealed the video released to the Security Service and the National Investigation Office because, according to him, we are talking about planned action and national security issues.

The SAP said that Leros’ criminal proceedings had been opened to receive bribes when he was appointed to government posts.

The GDB opened production at the request of Yermak regarding the distribution of material on the alleged sale of government posts.

SBU has combined two criminal proceedings against Leros in one case.

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