The court refused to challenge the prosecutor Sternenko



The court refused to challenge the prosecutor Sternenko

The court refused to challenge the prosecutor Sternenko

06/15.2020 11:00


The Shevchenkovsky District Court in Kiev refused to defend activist Sergei Sternenko by challenging the prosecutor Nikolai Bozovulyak in connection with the disclosure of the security measures taken against Sternenko.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

“We have new reasons to challenge the prosecutor Bozovulyak. He is certainly biased because he disclosed information about the security measures taken against Sternenko, “said the activist’s lawyer at the start of the meeting.

According to him, on June 12, at a meeting to elect a preventive measure to the activist, Bozovulyak, when he was given the floor, said that “security measures are taken against Sternenko by special forces of the SBU Alpha, in the city of Odessa. “

The lawyer noted that the prosecutor had committed an offense – he announced information which constitutes a protected secret, namely the security measures which are applied against a participant in criminal proceedings.

According to the lawyer, on Sunday, Sternenko filed a criminal complaint on this subject before the GDB.

“I received from my client a statement on the commission of a criminal offense, which he personally delivered yesterday to the State Duma. He personally wrote this statement regarding the prosecutor. Sternenko made the request to 15-year-old Simon Petlyury, “said the lawyer.

The lawyer gave the relevant documents to the judge.

Investigating judge Vladimir Bugil, after leaving the deliberative room, refused the request.

“Regarding the defense petition, refuse,” said Bougil.

People continue to gather under the courthouse to support Sternenko.

As reported, in Kiev on June 12, the Shevchenkovsky Court began to choose a coercive measure against Sergei Sternenko. Then several hundred people came to the court to support the activist.

In particular, the former head of the Ministry of Health, Ulyana Suprun, with her husband Mark, the people’s deputies Alexander Ustinov, Geo Leros and others appeared in court.

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People’s Deputy Yana Zinkevich, former head of the Health Ministry Ulyana Suprun, MEPs, Voices and others have expressed their desire to release Sternenko. In general, according to Sternenko, more than 100 people wanted to release him on Friday.

On Friday, the court questioned 3 people’s deputies – Geo Leros, Solomiya Bobrovskaya and Dmitry Gurin as witnesses, and decided to question the prosecutor Andrei Radionov as a witness, who, according to media reports, had previously refused to sign Sternenko’s suspicions.

Earlier on June 11, at the Main Investigation Department of the SBU Sternenko, it was reported that a crime was suspected under art. 115 h.1 (intentional infliction of unlawful death on another person) and art. 263 para. 2 (transport of cold steel without the authorization provided for by law) of the Criminal Code.

His defense later said that the Shevchenkovsky Kiev District Court would consider the request for the selection of a preventive measure in the form of a 24-hour house arrest.

Sternenko is an Odessa activist, a member of the local Euromaidan and a former head of the Odessa law sector.

On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. While pushing back, the activist fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly detained by the police but immediately released, stabbed him and granted him witness and state guard status.

In total, three attempts were made on Sternenko in Odessa in 2018.

Cases of attacks have been transferred to the General Directorate of Investigations of the SBU in Kiev, as explained by the prosecution, due to “the need to verify information on the possible involvement of representatives of local authorities and the police in the attacks”.

For two years, the investigation has not officially established the organizers of the attacks on Sternenko. There is no penalty in these cases.

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