The Cultural Fund has decided which projects it will support after the budget cuts



The Cultural Fund has decided which projects it will support after the budget cuts

The Ukrainian Cultural Fund has determined the procedure for supporting projects after the sequestration of the state budget.

This was reported on the official website of the fund.

“Under the previous UKF budget of 697 million UAH for the implementation of projects submitted for 10 competitive programs, 462 million UAH were provided. After the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the state budget, the funding of the fund was reduced to 400.86 million UAH, of which 334 million 367,000 UAH were provided to support projects, “the statement said. .

As indicated, due to the reduction in funds intended to support projects subject to competitive programs and the risks associated with the distribution of COVID-19, the Supervisory Board of the Fund has decided not to support projects and individual expenses in these projects to participate in international, international events. mobility due to an increased risk of realization.

As for projects (or their individual expenses), the main result of which are events and events, and projects involving foreign participants, they can be financed exclusively by the transfer of events or by attracting participants in online or digital formats due to the high risk of extending the ban on public events. If reformatting is not possible, the UKF reserves the right not to support them.

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If several projects from an applicant are invited to the negotiation procedures, the fund will only provide funding to one (at the applicant’s choice) or reduce the budgets of all projects submitted by 35%;

It was also decided to reduce the budget for each project invited to the negotiation procedures by at least 10%. This will finance approximately 348 projects, taking into account the payment of payroll taxes.


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