The death of 38 puppies on the plane: the UIA suspended the director of freight transport



The death of 38 puppies on the plane: the UIA suspended the director of freight transport

The death of 38 puppies on the plane: the UIA suspended the director of freight transport

06/23.2020 12:39


The UIA suspended the chief of the Transportation and Freight Logistics Directorate from killing 38 puppies that were transported on June 13 via the Kiev-Toronto flight.

This is stated in the UIA press release, which is available to Ukrinform.

“Ukraine International Airlines expresses its deep regret at the death of animals transported on the Kiev-Toronto flight on June 13, 2020 … The UIA launched its own internal investigation, during which the head of the Directorate of Transport and Freight logistics has been suspended, and the airline’s own decision has been made to impose an embargo on the transport of animals by B767 aircraft from June 19, 2020, “the statement said.

The UIA notes that the cause of the animals’ death has not been established and indicates that, in the framework of open criminal proceedings, the process of submission of documents to the Borispol Department of the National Police of Ukraine has start.

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The airline emphasizes that it is worth drawing conclusions about the causes of animal deaths after having received official documents from authorized agencies in Canada.

“The UIA regularly audits IOSA on flight safety standards and standards governing, among other things, the transport of animals. The rules for transporting animals are regulated by the Live AnimalsRegulations regulation (establishing the rules for transporting animals LAR) – IATA (International Air Transport Association) document “, they add in the airline.

As for the transport of animals directly by flight Kiev-Toronto, the airline notes that all the animals had a “commercial purpose”.

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“Only one animal flew with a passenger. The airline regularly carries animals by order of shippers in North America, Canada, Tel Aviv and others. It should be added that the transport of pure puppies -blood, especially brachycephalic, including French bulldogs, has certain risks that owners of these animals know and understand, “notes the airline.

The UIA draws attention to the fact that the animals were shipped by loaders as commercial live cargo, the total number of animals on the flight was 559 dogs and 89 cats, which were placed in 337 cages .

“Placing animals in cages for more than one is allowed if the animals are free to move and move around. The animal cages have a design that allows free circulation of air. This standard cage for transportation Meets LAR requirements. On the flight, dogs of average age 4 months were transported (the most popular age for commercial animals, since the export of animals to most countries is allowed after vaccination against rabies, which is done at the indicated age), “added the airline.

The transport of a large number of animals became possible, because this flight was an evacuation, explain to the UIA.

“The number of passengers on the flight was 92 out of 272 available passenger seats. The baggage compartment of aircraft B767 had headroom due to the small number of passengers. The luggage compartment of aircraft Boeing 767 , in which the animals were transported (front, rear and luggage compartment) are fully ventilated and are temperature controlled which is ensured by the design of the aircraft. Therefore, the airline excludes any manipulation regarding the lack of air or air conditioning systems that do not work, “the press release said.

The UIA points out that the condition of the animals during the flight is due to a number of factors, including the conditions of transportation and storage of the animals until the shippers transfer the airline.

As reported, on June 21, police in the Kiev region initiated criminal proceedings after publishing reports in the media that 38 puppies had been killed on the plane.

The case was opened under art. 299 (cruelty to animals) of the Criminal Code. The maximum penalty provided for in this article provides for a prison sentence of 5 to 8 years.

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