The decision was made – Putin got angry at the meeting due to the inaction of Russian officials



Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with great emotion at the next meeting. The President of the Russian Federation was angry that officials were in no hurry to repair the roads in the Amur region. Russian journalist Dmitry Smirnov released a video clip of a meeting during which Putin strongly criticizes the officials.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Twitteraccount of Dmitry Smirnov.

During a meeting with officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted with great emotion to the fact that the roads after the floods have not yet been repaired in the Amur region. According to Putin, the problem is not in the money, because there is enough money to repair the roads. According to him, the problem is inaction.

Putin said that in the Amur region, people “drive around potholes”. He ironically advised the authorities to drive themselves on these roads.

“The decision has been made, but there is no result. All stuck in certain procedures! Roads, erosion due to flooding in the Amur region, due to delays, have not yet been restored. People are forced to climb on potholes. Drive along these roads yourself, you will understand that you have to act faster, “said Putin.

Earlier, we reported that ex-MP Markov, who had fled to Russia, had started to threaten Ukraine.

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