The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine was more than 23 billion dollars


In April, the state exchequer repaid $ 90.9 billion.

The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine was over 23 billion dollars. Photo:

According to the January-April results of the current year, the state budget was implemented with a shortfall of 23.5 billion UAH, the General Fund with a shortfall of 33 billion UAH, which, according to the Finance Ministry of Ukraine, “matches the budget” is.”

The Finance Ministry, citing data from the State Treasury Service, stated that Ukraine’s state budget received $ 90.9 billion in April 2020. 42.7 billion of these funds came from the UAH National Bank, which, by law, transfers part of its profits to the state budget.

For what reason, the 2020 budget was offset by:

  1. Personal income tax and military fees – 8.5 billion UAH
  2. Value Added Tax – 7.7 billion UAH (balance)
  3. Excise tax on goods produced in Ukraine – UAH 5.9 billion
  4. Customs payment – 19.6 billion UAH

At the same time, the VAT refund amounted to $ 12 billion, the Finance Ministry noted. According to the agency, as per the January-April 2020 results, in general, the monthly list of revenue of the General Fund of the state budget was completed by 84.3% – 86.1%.

For January – April 2020, subsidies for social spending, defense spending, debt servicing and local budgets were paid in full on the list based on orders. Therefore, according to operational data from the State Treasury Service, spending for the general state budget fund for the 4 months of 2020 was 308.9 billion UAH, or 87.5% of the reporting period’s painting.

Actual borrowings in the general state budget fund for January – April of this year amounted to $ 108 billion, or 84.1% of the plan for the period.

It is reported that UAH 73.8 billion UAH (97% of the plan) was attracted by the appointment of government bonds to finance the state budget, with UAH 41.3 billion ($ 1.2 billion) on the issue of government bonds in foreign currency. Is included. 34.2 billion UAH was raised from external sources (66% of the plan), amounting to 1.75 billion euros per year amounting to 33.9 billion euros, which was 1.25 billion euros at a rate of 4.375% per year.

At the same time, payment for the repayment of state debt for January-April 2020 was approximately 71.3 billion UAH (81.8% of the plan), service payments – 41.1 billion UAH (94.2% of the plan).

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Earlier, we wrote that due to the quarantine caused by the spread of coronovirus COVID-19, Ukraine is expected to decrease in GDP this year, increase in unemployment and inflation, decrease in wages and decrease in hryvnia. The Cabinet of Ministers introduced such indicators in the draft amendments to the state budget, which were signed by the President of Ukraine on 17 April.

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