The delivery business is growing – gaining staff and caring about safety



The delivery business is growing - gaining staff and caring about safety

The number of online orders, compared to the pre-quarantine period, increased by 25 to 40%, and sometimes by 75%, the courier staff increased by 20%

Quarantine in Ukraine has already crossed the border for four weeks. And, most likely, the end of the term of the self-insulating “conclusion”, which has recently become more difficult, is still far away. However, even temporary difficulties do not prevent Ukrainians from shopping. And even more when there is no need to go far. One click with your finger on the gadget screen, and everything you need – basic necessities, medication or goodies – will be delivered to the door (and if you want, you can contactless) the couriers of the services correspondents.

However, how do they work during quarantine, how much has their demand increased, what do customers order most often and, importantly, how do they keep their customers safe own employees? We asked all this about the main ones in this market – Glovo (available in Kiev, Cherry, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Chernivtsi), Raketa (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov), (Kiev, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov) and (all of Ukraine – courier delivery to mobile delivery points and at post offices, and also in the “New Mail” and “Ukrposhta” departments).

The delivery business is growing - gaining staff and caring about safety


Market players note more than a positive dynamic. Raketa public relations director Sergei Koloskov said growth was already over 40%: “Last week, they started test delivery of products to stores. Therefore, we expect further growth in demand. “

Similar figures were communicated to the Glovo press service. “From the first week of quarantine, we started to see changes in demand – in the dough (categories)” Supermarkets “and” Pharmacies “, the number of orders increased on average by 35% and continues to grow. SIGNIFICANT GROWTH AND AVERAGE ORDER VERIFICATION IN THESE CATEGORIES, SOMEWHERE ON 25%. Note that the trend for cashless payments in the app is increasing, “said the company.

“During the first week of April, the number of orders increased by 74.5% compared to the pre-quarantine period that began on March 16,” said Andrei Kursky, CEO of product delivery., and notes that the company worked actively during the second half of March. on the expansion of our own operational capacities, “We have created new vacancies in the 8 cities where we are present, intensified the work of the training center and accepted a significant number of new selection and messaging attendants in the ‘team.” Thanks to this, explains Kursky, the number of free delivery windows has increased: we have made it possible for thousands of customers to avoid falling ill, wasting their time in queues and buying home products at supermarket prices. “

The founder and co-owner of the online store Vladislav Chechetkin did not express the figures, but pointed out the explosion in activity – the team works 14 hours a day and almost seven days a week. “Essentially, we have become a link between Ukrainians in isolation and the world around us. In this regard, we feel responsible because we can now quickly respond to the daily needs of hundreds of thousands of people, ”says Chechetkin.

The delivery business is growing - gaining staff and caring about safety


Co-owner of the online store, ordering products is becoming more and more popular. “If we used to deliver 1 to 2 gadgets to a customer, a standard check now consists of a long list of essential products and goods. As a result, THE AVERAGE ORDER WEIGHT FOR EACH MAIL DAY IS GROWING 3 TIMES, ”says Chechetkin. supermarket service delivery products recently analyzed the top 10 products in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov and Lviv. They included: meat and sausages, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes topped), dairy products (butter, milk, cheese), fish, candy, sugary drinks and potable water, toilet paper. “For us, the reason why demand for the latter category has increased so much is still a mystery. Perhaps the Ukrainians take the example of the Chinese, who use paper products to coat various surfaces for public use, for example door handles, elevator buttons, and then throw them in the trash, “jokes Andrei Kursky from

Raketa said Ukrainians still prefer pizza, burgers and sushi. In addition, the number of orders for homemade dishes (classic Ukrainian cuisine), as well as salads and bowls, has increased significantly. There were more orders for coffee and desserts. “If earlier we noted two peak intervals – at lunch and in the evening, now demand is more or less the same throughout the day,” said Sergey Koloskov, public relations manager for the service. – THE AVERAGE CONTROL HAS BEEN RECORDED AT THE 200-300 UAH LEVEL. DELIVERY OF COFFEE AND RESTAURANTS, AS BEFORE – FREE. In addition, we ensure that the prices of the Raketa application correspond to the prices of the establishments menu. With regard to cashless payments, this figure is now around 70%, although until recently it was around 50%. “

Glovo also noted that more often than not, Ukrainians order essentials, as well as cereals, canned food, potatoes, eggs, etc. “In the spoils of the pharmacy (category), paracetamol, antiseptics and protective masks are often ordered. In the “Restaurants” dough, users who continue to cook exclusively for delivery remain popular with users, “said Glovo.

The delivery business is growing - gaining staff and caring about safety


“The sharp increase in demand has affected our need for new employees. This mainly affected order pickers and couriers: in the past three weeks, more than 50 new people from Ukraine have come to work. At least as many vacancies are open, so we continue to recruit staff, ”says Andrei Kursky of

“We are constantly selecting couriers, warehouse workers, contact center operators and even programmers, although they are more difficult to adapt via a remote mode of operation,” says the co-owner of

Raketa also says they have more mail. As for office workers, quarantine did not hurt them. “The logistics services of the cities carry out additional sets as needed. In general, the number of letters since the start of the quarantine has increased by around 20%, “said Sergey Koloskov, the department’s public relations manager. He says that in Raketa THE COURIERS WILL WIN AN AVERAGE 15-30 THOUSAND. UAH per month, depending on the number of orders delivered and the type of delivery (foot / bike / motorcycle / car).

“The mails are not employees of Glovo, but independent entities that connect to the platform. There, the courier independently chooses the format of cooperation, namely, plans the days and hours of his employment, the territory of the execution of orders. Consequently, with an increase in demand, we are connecting new couriers to our platform, ”notes the delivery service. Firstly, it helps to avoid overloading for couriers who are already connected to the platform and who execute orders on practical days and times during the week. And second, it creates an opportunity for more people to get extra income in difficult times. “In the past two weeks, active mail on the platform has increased by 20%. And if necessary, in the coming weeks, we are ready to increase the courier team by another 1.5 times, ”according to Glovo. And they add: “We are monitoring the market situation and ensuring that the courier income meets Ukrainian realities. According to our statistics, IF THE MAIL CHOOSES AN AREA WITH A HIGH FREQUENCY OF ORDERS, DELIVERES IT 5 DAYS A WEEK, SPENDING 8 HOURS A DAY – ITS INCOME CAN BE UP TO 20 THOUSANDS. SRN, which is above the average salary in the service sector in Ukraine. “

Well, look at the Raketa and Glovo letters and – you have to envy it directly. And not only because of very good income (by the way, the average salary in Ukraine for February, that is, even before quarantine – 10847 UAH., In Kiev – 16447 UAH.). Couriers today belong to a small number of “elected”, that is to say those who can move freely in the fresh air. However, it is important not to forget about security measures. By the way, how do these companies care about the safety of their employees and their customers?

The delivery business is growing - gaining staff and caring about safety

WHAT EMPLOYEES ARE PROVIDED FOR: MEANS OF PERSONAL PROTECTION – DAY-TO-DAY EXAMINATION OF PHYSICIANS transferred 1,000 employees to a remote work format. However, others – couriers, warehouse workers and collection point operators – have to go to work every day. To protect them as much as possible, THE STORES ARE TREATED THE ROOMS ARE SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. THERE ARE EVERY DAY EXAMINED BY PHYSICIANS, MAILS THAT WE PROTECT WITH MASKS, GLASSES AND GLOVES. “At collection points, employees regularly treat work surfaces with an antiseptic. For customers who want to pick up an order from collection points, we were the first to introduce restrictions on as few people as possible inside and no more than one person per 10 square meters. m, the distance to the queue is 1.5 m ”, explains the co-owner of the online store Vladislav Chechetkin. And he also says that each customer has their own ideas on what delivery should be. For example, someone asks the courier to bring the package to the apartment, someone says to leave the package on the porch, then calls back with the request to collect it from the 5th floor. “Our couriers strive to help everyone, and I am personally very grateful to them, both for their patience and for having worked in such a difficult period,” he said.

“All couriers must work under a mask and have an antiseptic with them. Each courier is insured for the moment of delivery, ”explains Sergey Koloskov of the Raketa service.

Glovo also focuses on security: we work with improved preventive measures for mail, partners and users. “We provide couriers with protective masks, gloves and antiseptic agents to which couriers have access in Glovo centers and partner institutions. For example, order training in stores is now carried out by the special staff of our partners. After that, the orders collected are marked with numbers and sent to couriers in separate cases, said the press service of the company. “We have also adapted the integration process (reception, recruitment) of new letters to current conditions: training sessions, instructions for safe delivery, mail tests are now online. The Glovo centers for couriers are now closed to the public: at the same time, the center can accommodate up to 5 people. After successful integration, we invite new couriers to Glovo centers in groups of 3 people – it is the receipt of the items necessary to fulfill orders – a branded backpack, a protective mask, a antiseptic. Thanks to internal communication channels, we are constantly in touch with connected mail, update information on current events, local regulations and stress the need to comply with security measures. “

FOR THE SAFETY OF GLOVO USERS, ADDED THE CONTACTLESS DELIVERY OPTION AND CANCELED THE MANDATORY SIGNATURE FOR RECEPTION. In other words, the user can ask the courier to leave the order at the selected location, for example, under the door, on a bench at the entrance and the like. “We also recommend using cashless payments to limit contact between mail and users,” said Glovo.

Andrey Kursky of stresses that the health of customers and employees comes first. Their couriers and pickers work with masks and gloves, constantly treat work surfaces and equipment with disinfectants, also measure temperature regularly with a pyrometer and keep a health record. Everything is as it should be, but … “The problem we have faced recently is the mail waiting time for customers. We delivered the order to the door for quarantine, but now everything not everyone wants the mail to come to them, “says Andrei Kursky. – We always respond to those wishes, so we give packages on the street at the entrance. However, sometimes after a call to a customer, our courier must wait 15-20 minutes until the customer comes back down, which results in a delay on other orders, therefore we ask service users to immediately remove their packages with products and to respect others. “

Miroslav Liskovich. Kiev

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