The doctor explained how Ukraine would prepare for the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus in the fall



The doctor explained how Ukraine would prepare for the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus in the fall

For the fight against the second wave of coronavirus infection, which is scheduled for the fall, to be effective, Ukraine must focus not on restrictive measures, as is the case today, but on the introduction of infection security programs.

This was announced on the “Right to Power” program by an epidemiologist, head of the national expert group on infection control Andrey Alexandrin.

“More attention should be paid not to restrictive measures, but to the implementation of infection prevention programs, especially in socially critical places – kindergartens, schools, medical institutions. It would be very good if we could at least prepare socially critical places over the summer, as much as possible, “he said.

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According to Alexandrin, the implementation of such programs would have a beneficial effect on the passage of the annual respiratory disease season.

“These would be really effective interventions. The second wave of coronavirus infection will come anyway, as we assume, in the fall. And it would be an important intervention and a reduction in the incidence of both coronavirus infection and seasonal flu and adenovirus infection which is also promised to us in The New Season. Unfortunately, in our country and in post-Soviet countries in general, ideal conditions have been created for contracting diseases Unfortunately, we see an increase in these diseases every year. “The mania, which starts in September and ends in May,” he said.

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Alexandrin also expressed the opinion that the restrictive measures that are being put forward today are more of an attempt to resolve the problem by psychological impact.

“It is necessary to work here in a systematic way, and not in the way that we intimidate the population today and spread a kind of mood of panic. I am today to focus on systematic approaches, on putting implementing infectious safety measures, “said the specialist.

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