The doctors of the monastery are fully equipped with protective equipment – Zelensky



The doctors of the monastery are fully equipped with protective equipment - Zelensky

The doctors at the monastery in the Ternopil region are fully equipped with protective suits and masks for the next few days.

This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky in a speech on April 3, published in his telegram.

“A call from doctors from the town of Monastyrisk, in the Ternopil region. Negotiations have taken place with the Ministry of Health. The medical staff is fully staffed and continues to work, for which we warmly thank. For now , there are four ventilation devices at the hospital. The local government will buy another tender has been placed on ProZorro. Workers receive coveralls and respirators for the next few days, work is underway to provide them with everything they need, “said Zelensky.

He added that the issue of adequate provision of other hospitals in the region, in particular the Kozovsky district, was being dealt with. To this end, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko left for the Ternopil region today.

Zelensky also said he wanted to respond to Ukrainian doctors who are turning to him on social media. “First of all, I mean: I see everything, I hear, I try to solve your problems as quickly as possible,” assured the president to the doctors.

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As Ukrinform reported, residents of the Monastyrsky district of the Ternopil region in a video message to the President of Ukraine announced a critical situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the region and the inadequate supply of protective equipment and medication at the hospital and local doctors. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, 8 doctors, 13 nurses and 8 nurses fell ill in the city. Part of the medical staff wanted to free themselves.

According to the latest data from the regional laboratory center, 114 cases of COVID-19 disease have been confirmed in the Ternopil region, 23 cases remain suspect.

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