The dollar has collapsed, as the euro, the hryvnia is strengthening, which is as follows: the NBU updated the exchange rate on April 6, 2020



The National Bank of Ukraine updated the official exchange rate on April 6, 2020. The dollar lost 23 kopecks, while the euro immediately lost 52 kopecks.

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The collapse of foreign currencies.
The dollar and the euro have fallen sharply, the hryvnia is strengthening. Photo:

On Friday, the National Bank of Ukraine actively purchased the US currency. This led to a significant strengthening of the hryvnia.

The official exchange rate for the dollar on Monday April 6 was set by the National Bank at 27.3730 UAH. for 1 dollar. That’s 23 kopecks below the Friday rate. The treasurers of the banks predict that on Monday, trading on the interbank market will take place in a range of 27.35 to 27.55 UAH / $.

Official exchange rates for April 6:

1 US dollar costs 27.3730 hryvnias;

1 euro – 29.5601 hryvnias;

1 Russian ruble – 0.3569 hryvnias.

Exchange rate of dollar cash in Ukrainian banks: purchase of 27.1 – 27.2 hryvnias for 1 dollar, sale of 27.5 – 27.7 hryvnias.

Earlier, it was reported that the exchange rate after the weekend would surprise everyone.

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