The epidemiological situation in the country has gotten out of hand – Oleg Lyashko criticized the authorities for their inaction



The former people’s deputy noted that Ukraine has become the only country in Europe where, after leaving strict quarantine, the number of cases is only increasing, not decreasing.

Oleg Lyashko
Oleg Lyashko. Stock Photo –

About this writes “MFN”, referring to Facebook Oleg Lyashko.

According to the politician, such a rapid increase in cases indicates that the epidemiological situation in the country has become uncontrolled:

“The quarantine is weakened and the number of cases will melt. People will gradually work with empty pockets … The incompetent authorities are only wasting time: during the strict quarantine period, they did not start the mass production of household tests, protective equipment, d ‘ventilation devices, and have not prepared hospitals for mass reception of patients’.

Lyashko noted that all the authorities can do is spend state money on “Chinese garbage” and then promote it. And this, instead of providing work for Ukrainian manufacturers:

“They have killed small and medium enterprises. But they allowed rotten velvets and epicenters to work.

Due to stupid power, we have become the only country in Europe where, after having weakened our quarantine, the number of people infected is increasing rapidly, without decreasing.

Recall that we wrote earlier that in Ukraine, 829 new cases of coronavirus were detected per day.



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