The epidemiologist explained why the risk groups should be checked for COVID-19



The epidemiologist explained why the risk groups should be checked for COVID-19

After the scale of coronavirus screening has increased in Ukraine, the ratio of infection to mortality may change.

Such an opinion in an interview with Ukrinform was expressed by the epidemiologist, chairman of the council of the Pan-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations “Ukrainian Health and Epidemiological Union” Lyudmila Mukharskaya.

“As far as I know, tests appear here and the scale of tests will increase, and so far the tests have only been done for people who are already sick. And this is suitable for doctors who have to confirm or rule out diagnosis. And as an epidemiologist, I see that Ukraine does not test groups at risk. It is necessary to see if there is a circulation of the pathogen among the population which is not sick, “said the expert.

According to her, in these groups should be mainly those who arrived from abroad and all those who contacted them. You should also test doctors or professional groups who communicate a lot with the population, they are police officers, employees of retail chains, etc.

“And to have a real picture of the infection, it is necessary to determine the epidemic risk groups, medical risk (elderly or having had pneumonia or signs of respiratory diseases at the time). Indeed, approximately 80% of cases are asymptomatic or the symptoms are mild, “said the doctor.

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She stressed that statistics on diseases are highly dependent on the country’s ability to carry out tests. Different countries do this depending on the local testing algorithm.

“The same goes for death statistics: some countries, like Italy, count deaths from other illnesses or symptoms in this category only because they have been diagnosed with a coronavirus. One person has died of a heart attack, but a laboratory study showed that he had this pathogen, and he will be automatically counted among the victims of COVID-19. I think that when this situation passes, they will realize it “, estimates Moukharskaya.

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