The existence of extraterrestrial life: a meteorite with extraterrestrial organic matter has been discovered



A serious argument has been discovered in favor of the existence of extraterrestrial life. A meteorite fell on Antarctica, which introduced something new to the study of the Cosmos. Scientists have discovered traces of foreign organic matter on it.

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It is reported UA News, reports “MFN”.

It has been possible to establish that the meteorite comes from Mars. There are old molecules containing nitrogen. It is solid proof that life once existed on Mars.

It took scientists many years to identify microscopic particles of organic matter. A meteorite was discovered in 1984, but the discovery of organic particles only occurred today in Japan.

The discovery was made possible by the creation of the latest research method. Mizuho Koike has taken an important step in the study of the Cosmos. He was able to identify tiny granular formations of orange-colored carbonate minerals. Their age exceeds four billion years. They testify to the presence of nitrogen molecules in the meteorite.

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