The family has their black sheep – Anton Gerashchenko commented on the rape of a woman at the Kagarlyk police station



As you know, in this police station, two law enforcement officers raped a girl who came for questioning as a witness.

Anton Gerashchenko
Anton Gerashchenko. Photo –

On the 1 + 1 TV channel, the Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, said that the police who brutally abused the girl could not escape the punishment.

On this subject, it indicates “MFN”.

According to Gerashchenko, “werewolves in uniform” were arrested by representatives of the internal security services of the police:

“Excessive office and torture … they risk up to 12 years in prison. They will not be released from prison for a long time. “

The officer added that the victim, after the abuse, herself called line 102 and reported that she had been beaten and raped at the police station:

“After the call, an operational group was immediately formed. The Kiev region police checked the victim’s data and arrested the suspects. The girl’s words were confirmed and we did not hide it. “

Gerashchenko also asks the Ukrainians not to compare yesterday’s incident to the notorious situation in Vradeevka, where in 2013 police also beat and raped a woman:

“Then they wanted to hide everything, and now no one is covering such crimes. We will not tolerate such incidents, the police began to act clearly and detained the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, the family is not without abnormality. “About 130,000 people are registered with the police, and not all of them have the high moral standards that a police officer should have.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that the BP commission wanted to hear the chief of the national police because of the events in Kagarlyk.



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