The fire situation can be followed online in a smartphone – Goslesagentstvo



The fire situation can be followed online in a smartphone - Goslesagentstvo

The fire situation can be followed online in a smartphone – Goslesagentstvo

05/13.2020 05:45


A new feature has appeared on the forest in a smartphone card – Fire risk classes, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly follow the situation in the forestry companies that are part of the State Forest Agency.

This was announced by the president of the National Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Andriy Zablotsky on Facebook.

“We are continuing to digitize the region. A new feature, the fire risk classes, has appeared on the Forest in Smartphone map. From now on, information technology will help citizens, and in particular local authorities and OTG, to quickly monitor the fire safety situation in forestry in the sphere. Goslesagentstva management. In addition, the card will be useful to employees of the state emergency services, “Zablotsky wrote.

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He explained that by choosing the “Fire Risk” section on the map, you can learn more about the natural fire risk classes in individual sections of the forest (they are painted in the appropriate colors). The natural fire risk class is determined based on the breed and age of the stands.

The head of the department stressed that the objective of the project was to monitor and classify possible fires and fire risk situations in Ukraine.

The situation on the map should be constantly updated.

“Now our experts are continuing to work on filling and improving this service,” said Zablotsky.

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As reported by Ukrinform, from the end of March to April 23 in the Zhytomyr and Kiev regions, approximately 40 to 50,000 hectares of territory were affected by fires.

Fires broke out in Zhytomyr region on April 16, fire crossed 4.3 thousand hectares of land and destroyed 39 houses in which people lived. The emergency caused more than 700 million UAH in casualties.

Experts warned that if urgent measures are not taken, in July a second, more massive and destructive wave of fires could occur in Ukraine.

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