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Launch iPhone SE 2: At the beginning of the week, we showed you UAG cover images that allowed us to present the arrival of the compact apple phone by mail. Today, the first specific links also go to Apple’s website, while other rumors come from a reliable source, such as 9to5Mac, add new data on the data sheet and device name.

Yes, because in the end it can be called SE or SE 2020: The iPhone 9 hypothesis sets are also almost certainly given by numerous leaders, and iPhone SE 2, The tip is taken from the American version of the Apple site, where the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra protective film, available for iPhone SE 8 & 7: This is an important detail, given that, as we have repeatedly mentioned, the new iPhone SE will have a design identical to that of the iPhone 8.

9to5Mac confirms the denomination iPhone SE and also talks about colors (white, red, black) and accessories (silicone case, white and black, as well as leather, blue, black and red). Not only that, the source in question says about three available reductions in physical memory (64-128-256 GB) and fixed 399 dollars introductory price. Pre-orders may begin already today, friday april 3; anyway, it’s ending now.


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