The first song sung in space was Ukrainian: an exclusive video



It became known that for the first time in space, a Ukrainian performance song sounded. His famous astronaut Pavel Popovich sang it. It is interesting to note that so far this song is known to most Ukrainians of the new generation.

Pavel Popovich
Pavel Popovich. Photo –

This information was reported by “Dialog.UA“, Referring to the material of the Ukrainian television channel, reports” MFN “.

It should be noted that May 30 was a historic moment: the spacecraft Ilona Mask Crew Dragon was sent in flight by NASA astronauts. In this regard, users of social networks have decided once again to recall that the first Ukrainian song had sounded on the orbit of our planet.

It is known that it was executed by Leonid Kadenyuk, who went into space in 1962, but he was later nicknamed Pavel Popovich. He was pilot of the USSR Vostok-4 spacecraft.

As soon as the ship was put into orbit, designer Korolev asked Popovich to sing a song. The astronaut almost instantly decided to sing the following composition: “I marvel at the sky, I think this little thought …”.

However, at the same time, Kadenyuk slightly changed the text. Instead of the usual “To whom I did not sow, to which I did not throw”, he interpreted: “I am the axis, me and the axis”.

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