The first state-owned IT company acquired in Ukraine


Dia company will digitize public services

First state-owned IT company started operations in Ukraine: what the new structure will do

Digital Transformation Minister Mikhail Fedorov announced the creation of the first state IT company called “Dia Company”, employing 17 people.

“We created the first state-owned IT company of this type, which is not like the state-owned company that Ukrainians can think of. It is modern, it employs 17 specialists, and we plan to grow this company to 30 experts … We have many partners, and we are moving to in-house development, where we have There will be an internal team that manages all the processes, ”- Fedorov said.

The Dia company will digitize public services, eliminate the corruption factor and make public services understandable and accessible to every Ukrainian. The company is located in one of the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers. To launch the product, the government worked in a team with the best agencies in Ukraine: Fedoriv, ​​Speilka, Vintage, EPAM and Kitsoft.

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Recall that in the trial mode, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the online platform “Diya.Business” for entrepreneurs. “Dia.Business” is a site for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses. The portal will operate in two directions: an online consulting service and an information platform.

On the site you can find a list of ideas for business, templates for building a business, a directory of cases, entrepreneurs, as well as a list of lessons and legal documents needed to start a business. As of now, there is no way to register or close FOP on Diya.Biznes, these functions will be available later in the application.

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