The founders of Monobank set up quarantine monitoring site


The Quarantine Index shows what government measures encourage Ukrainians to stay at home

The founders of Monobank created a site to monitor quarantine: operational statistics

The founders of Monobank Virtual Bank created a unique site called the Quarantine Index. The resource is designed to track which government measures encourage Ukrainians to stay home and respect self-isolation, and which do not. The site is based on analysis of card transactions.

“Different countries and even different cities decided in their own ways to fight the coronovirus epidemic. One imposes a fine, one appeals to people’s consciousness to convince them not to leave the house once again. In Ukraine, there are very few operational statistics that help in understanding which actions achieve their goals. Therefore, we decided to create a device that could help answer this question, ”said the co-founder of Monobank Mikhail Rosalsky.

The Quarantine Index shows the dynamics for each of the regional centers and for Ukraine as a whole. The data is updated every 30 minutes, which makes it possible to analyze the situation in real time.

According to website analytics, since March 16, when the quarantine was tightened and the borders closed, Ukrainians had in fact started taking very few roads. In Kiev, people have limited their movement to a greater extent than in Ukraine. But the residents of Nikolaev and Zaporozhe, it seems, do not take quarantine seriously.

The index is calculated as a ratio of the number of unique customers who shopped through the ground terminal on a particular day compared to the same day of the week in quarantine. The value of the pointer can range from 0 to 1. The lower it is, the more people decide not to leave the house for shopping.

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Remember, the online analytical system YouControl, in conjunction with the Office of the President, launched an interactive map of the security of Ukraine and the areas of individual hospitals with everything needed to combat coronovirus infection.

The service is based on reports from all hospitals in Ukraine about the availability of protective equipment, medical equipment and staff. Using the map, you can find out the current state of the medical institution and estimate the needs of a particular hospital.

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