The Fund for Demining Initiatives refutes the fake that Bankova is trying to “buy”



The Fund for Demining Initiatives refutes the fake that Bankova is trying to

Ilk Kucheriv’s Fund for Democratic Initiatives has denied reports of the possibility of serving the interests of any politician, including the office of the president, in exchange for financial support.

This is stated in a statement by the Executive Director of the Fund for Democratic Initiatives Svetlana Barbeliuk, distributed on behalf of her team.

She informed that on April 3 the AP “House of Democracy” in its bulletin in English “WEEK AT GLANCE”. Key trends in Ukraine. Weekly overview. April 3, 2020, no. 13/20 ”, which is distributed by electronic mail, disseminated false information and was harmful to the reputation of the Ilk Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Fund.

Barbeliuk noted that, at the same time, the “House of Democracy” made no attempt to contact the Fund to verify the validity of its allegations.

She also underlined that, since the Fund did not discover this attempt at discrediting until April 22, her team is obliged to officially and as widely as possible refute the information prepared and sent by the NGO House of Democracy.

In this context, the executive director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation provided information translated from English, which was distributed by the House of Democracy.

“The leadership of the Presidential Office wants to acquire or finance one of the most respectable sociological centers -” Democratic Initiatives “. In March, after the death of the president of the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives, Irina Bekeshkina, the office of the president began to seek the founders of the Fund to offer them cooperation and financial support. For President Zelensky’s office, it is very important to have a controlled sociological society that will post normal assessments of the authorities, organize professional discussion groups and serve as instrument to use the party resources that the “servant of the people” receives from the state in the context of public party funding. Furthermore, the office of the president is aware that the Fund for Democratic Initiatives is experiencing serious financial difficulties, like most non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, “said Barbeliuk.

Refuting this report, she first noted that the use of the fact of Irina Bekeshkina’s death as a pretext for spreading rumors and lies is an example of the lack of moral warning and a sense of solidarity civic within the House of Democracy team which is characteristic of people who have built a civil society. society, defending the values ​​of democracy and European choice in Ukraine. As Barbeliuk pointed out, it was precisely this immoral act that prompted Fund staff to make maximum use of publicity and condemnation of such actions.

“Second, we responsibly state that if a political force, a commercial structure, a representative of a government authority or a representative of a foreign state calls upon the founders and / or members of the Fund team for their offer to serve certain interests, such an offer will be definitively rejected. The Foundation for Democratic Initiatives will never sacrifice independence and a professional point of view for material or political gain, “said the Executive Director.

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She underlined that the Fund is indeed a recognized center of analysis, capable of conducting independently and in partnership with other structures of civil society to carry out research and advocacy campaigns.

“Our aim is to help strengthen the Ukrainian state and democracy. This has been known to all presidential administrations since 1992. Whenever the authorities needed our advice and support, we went to them, without violating the principles of our independence and objectivity, without humiliating or humiliating. And they always refused when the authorities neglected the principles of the rule of law and national sovereignty, “said Barbelyuk.

She stressed that the Fund operates in a transparent manner, achieves its objectives and enjoys stable and predictable support from its partners for the implementation of program activities. “This, in particular, will soon be reflected in the report of the Fund, whose release has been delayed due to quarantine,” said the executive director.

Finally, the staff of the Fund for Democratic Initiatives launched an appeal to all its partners – public organizations, international donors, the media, Ukrainian citizens and all those who were misinformed via the House of Democracy mailing list, their asking not only to take note of the Fund’s position, but to draw appropriate conclusions on the moral and professional level of the “House of Democracy” of the PA.

“In our deep conviction, the actions of the NGO” House of Democracy “not only undermine the credibility of” Democratic Initiatives “, but, on the whole, discredit the very concept of democracy and the values ​​inherent in a democratic society” , summed up the Democratic Initiatives.

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