the future top of the range does not use BOE displays


In recent weeks, talk about sensational change of the supplier of displays of the future Samsung Galaxy S30In fact, the Korean company appreciated the possibility of not using “its” OLED displays produced by the Samsung Display subsidiary for its future maximum line, preferring to focus on cheaper panels made by the Chinese. Bank of England

The rumors were true, according to a new report, but Samsung still decided Do not use BOE displays for your Samsung Galaxy S30 as I panels would not pass quality control necessary for the final closure of the contract. According to rumors over the past few weeks, the Bank of England was supposed to provide Samsung 6.67-inch OLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate support. Samsung will continue to rely on the Samsung Display for OLED panels of all options for the future Samsung Galaxy S30.

Also note that BOE panels wouldn’t pass Apple tests either which focused on a Chinese company supplying OLED displays for one of the future iPhone 12. BOE could be replaced by LG Display, which was supposed to cover only part of the supply. More information on this subject will come in the next few days.


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