The greed of humanity has had serious consequences: scientists have identified the main source of coronavirus



Scientists have been able to establish that the coronavirus originally appeared in the natural environment of animals. Man has been infected by the exploitation of nature.

Coronavirus. Photo –

It is reported by “Courts of Ukraine“, Reports” MFN “.

The cause of the spread of the coronavirus was hunting and trading in wildlife. These factors are not rarely the main causes of the emergence of new diseases.

The dominant theory of the advent of the coronavirus was the theory that it originated from bats. Other animals have become carriers, pangolins have probably played a major role in human infection.

Scientists warn that endangered wildlife can contain many viruses that are harmful to humans.

“When reducing the natural habitat of wild animals, they get closer to humans. This carries the risk of new dangerous diseases, “said Kristin Johnson, a doctor at the University of California.

Recall, as indicated above, that a spatial anomaly will worsen the well-being of people: the most painful dates are named.


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