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He became the current head of Piraeus Bank

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On a majority basis, the victory in the competition for the head of the board of Oschaidbank was won by Sergei Numov, the current head of Piraeus Bank. Yesterday, members of the bank’s supervisory board heard three candidates for the prime position and voted in the evening. The final judges of the competition were: Sergey Numov (current head of Piraeus Bank), Anton Tyrutun (deputy head of Oschadbank) and Gennady Khelemsky (director of Ugragasbank’s structured business finance division).

as reported FinclubDuring the election of Oshdbank chief, there was a heated discussion among members of the supervisory board. On 24 June, the Supervisory Board of Oshadbank should consider the resignation of the head of Andrei Paishany and the appointment of Sergei Numov, who must then be approved by the NBU.

The competition, which was scheduled to be held in early March, was canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances.” In particular, introduced quarantine in Ukraine. At the time, the current head of Oshadbank, Andrey Pyshany, won the points. However, after the contest was canceled, Pyshniy refused to participate further.

Sergey Naumov was previously the head of Ukrisbank, as well as the head of Pravyx-Bank.

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Earlier it became known that the National Bank reduced the discount rate to 6% from the lower level – 8%. As stated by the NBU press service, it is the lowest level in the history of independent Ukraine.

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