The head of the Ministry of Health explained how Ukraine avoided the “Italian scenario” in the situation of the coronavirus



Maxim Stepanov assures us that our country was able to avoid the COVID-19 outbreak because it had previously introduced a strict quarantine.

Maxim Stepanov
Maxim Stepanov. Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Today“.

“From March to May, we lived in strict quarantine. Thanks to this, we managed to avoid the “peak of incidence” … We did not repeat the fate of Italy and Spain, where in the first weeks medicine could not cope as many patients. We avoided it all through quarantine. “

The Minister also noted that when Ukraine began to gradually withdraw from quarantine, the Ministry of Health understood that there was a need to develop a strategy and how to further limit the spread of the coronavirus:

“We understood that it would be difficult to reach the zero incidence rate, so we decided to reduce quarantine when there were 300 to 400 cases per day. But we have always asked people to respect the mask regime and social distance. “

But people’s frivolity, notes Stepanov, has led to the fact that there are only more sick people.

Recall that we wrote earlier that in Ukraine, 921 cases of coronavirus were detected per day.



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