The head of the RBG ensures that in the “Chornovol case” they act in accordance with the law



The head of the GDB ensures that

I.O. The head of the State Investigation Bureau, Alexander Sokolov, assures that in the case of the former popular deputy Tatiana Chornovol, the GBR acts exclusively within the framework of law.

He said so in a video message on the “Chornovol case”.

“We understand the public enthusiasm for the investigation of the cases related to the events of Maidan, but I want to assure you that the GDB will act exclusively with respect for the law and with regard to each citizen, by protecting the rights and freedoms of all, without exception, and privileges, “it is.

Sokolov recalled that in February 2020, the United Nations human rights monitoring mission notably recommended that Ukraine investigate the murders committed during the demonstrations against Maidan. “They state in particular the absence of suspects in the death of Zakharov (the security guard who died following a fire in the public relations office in February 2014, who was charged with the murder of Chornovol – ed.), Who did not participate in the protests, “he said. about. Director of GDB

He informed that the criminal proceedings concerning the murder of Vladimir Zakharov during mass protests had been investigated from 2014 to 2017 by investigators from the national police. It was then that the main evidence in the case was gathered, a number of important examinations were carried out, witnesses were interviewed and those involved in the commission of the crime were identified. By a decision of the former attorney general, this production was transferred to the GPU’s Special Investigations Office, whose employees have not investigated him since 2017, said Sokolov.

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“On March 25, 2020, the prosecutor of the Maidan Department of the Manual of Procedure for the episode of Zakharov’s death was transferred for further investigation to the territorial administration of the State Security Bureau, located in Kiev By examining the documents and carrying out additional procedural actions, the investigators of the State Rescue Committee found that the intentional murder of citizen Zakharov Tatyana Chornovol is reasonably suspected, “said the head of the National Rescue Committee.

He recalled that the GDB had initiated the selection of preventive measures against Chornovol in the form of a 24 hour house arrest – given that she is a mother of minor children, a member of the ATO, and also taking into account of the situation with the spread of COVID-19.

The investigation is continuing, steps are being taken to identify the other people involved, he added.

Sokolov also said investigators from the State Duma Office, which specializes in investigating the events of the Revolution of Dignity, have reported suspicions to 12 people in the past three months, including 6 police officers, 4 judges, 2 “aunts”, 3 of them involved in the murder of activists.

“It should be noted that these results are much better than those obtained by the GPU’s Special Investigations Department in 2019,” said Sokolov.

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As Ukrinform reported, on April 10, the State Security Committee informed former lawmaker Tatiana Chornovol of suspicion of intentional murder during the Revolution of Dignity.

According to the State Duma, on February 18, 2014, Chornovol directed the actions of a group of people and was directly involved in the fire of a building in the center of Kiev on Lipskaya Street, where the Party of Regions office. The fire killed a worker born in 1948, who was in the party office.

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