The head of the Vera foundation, Nyuta Federmesser, and the host of Dozhda, Pavel Lobkov, were infected with the coronavirus



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Nyuta Federmesser and Pavel Lobkov

The number of coronavirus patients in Russia continues to increase every day – to date in our country, according to official data, more than 198,000 infections have been detected. On the eve of Covid-19, Nyuta Federmesser, founder of the Vera Hospice Assistance foundation, 42, and Pavel Lobkov, 52-year-old columnist for the Dozhd television channel, were also diagnosed. Both reported it on their personal Facebook pages.

Nyuta fell ill after returning from the Nizhny Novgorod region, where she was on a business trip, and helped resolve problems related to the coronavirus epidemic in the Diveyevo Convent. Now the founder of the Vera Foundation is being treated at the infectious disease hospital in Kommunarka, where she gave birth at the initial stage of pneumonia. In her Facebook post, Nyuta admitted that the first symptoms of the disease appeared in her immediately after returning from a business trip to Moscow – and Federmesser was first convinced that it was a cold.

Fund manager

Nyuta Federmesser

Monday evening, I returned completely exhausted to Moscow and, unfortunately, I immediately fell with a high temperature. It seems that my team and I followed all the necessary precautions, did not enter the “red zones” without full protection, but, as we all know, this may not be enough. Certainly, I was completely calm, confident that when I was sick a month ago, despite the negative test results, it was still a coronavirus. And the pains, the temperature and the smell disappeared … But, apparently, it was another infection. This time, alas, both the symptoms and the tests indicate that I have COVID-19. Fortunately, my friends and assistants, Gleb Gritsuk and Dima Ganshin, who were with me almost everywhere, had negative tests. The husband and older son who met me at home are also in good health. And I was completely blocked (below the spelling and the punctuation of the authors are preserved. – N.D.E.),

– Federmesser said in social networks and expressed confidence that she would recover soon and return to work.

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A few hours ago, a journalist Pavel Lobkov also announced his diagnosis on Facebook. He published a photo from the results of the CT scan of the chest, performed in the city’s first clinical hospital named after N.I. Pirogov, and in a post under him, he told how he had discovered the diagnosis. Lobkov said his illness was mild and that he was undergoing home treatment.

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Pavel Lobkov

I am extremely grateful to Anton Krasovsky and the emergency aid of the city’s first hospital, where I was diagnosed with 99% accuracy by Covid-19, for the rapid response of the third clinic to the Patriarchs, who brought “Hydroxychloroquine” (with it, according to Protsenko’s recommendation, I’ll wait for the suffocation stage) and “Amoksiklav” – well, it’s a remedy for rheumatism. I am inactive at work, I am no longer on the air by order of the editor and I have issued a sick leave certificate, which I have never done in 40 years of service in the media,

– shared Paul.

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Recall that recently the archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Dimitry Smirnov, also known for his outrageous remarks, was also hospitalized with a coronavirus. Shortly before that, he announced the benefits of coronavirus – according to the pastor, the pandemic has prompted people to display their best qualities.

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