The High Council of Justice denounces the deficit of masks and antiseptics before the courts



The High Council of Justice denounces the deficit of masks and antiseptics before the courts

Ukrainian judicial institutions have found problems in providing them with protective equipment against COVID-19, in particular medical masks, respirators and antiseptics.

This is reported to the High Council of Justice.

“According to information from the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, received at the request of the High Council of Justice, Ukrainian judicial institutions report an inadequate supply of protective equipment against acute respiratory diseases COVID-19 (coronavirus SARC-CoV-2), in particular a notable shortage of contactless thermometers, masks, medical respirators, antiseptics, “said the report.

As reported, as of March 27, 2020, there was a critical situation with the supply of ships with medical masks, as reported by courts in almost all regions.

In particular, the courts of Kharkiv (provision status – 9%), Transcarpathian (19%), Poltava (35%), Zhytomyr (57%), Ternopol (60%), Ivano-Frankivsk (65%) reported level of supply of medical masks. , Kiev (72%), Chernivtsi (78%).

Courts are also unevenly equipped with contactless thermometers from 3% (Zaporizhzhya region) to 96% (Sumy region).

At the same time, according to GAW, almost all judicial institutions are equipped with quartz lamps, with the exception of the regions of Volyn (95%), Kirovograd (88%) and Donetsk (96%).

In addition, the VSP recalls that GAW did not make a centralized purchase of protection and disinfection equipment due to a lack of funds for the relevant operating expenses, the solution of these problems was in fact attributed to the territorial administrations of the GAW of Ukraine, courts of appeal, specialized courts, etc.

In addition, as noted, “there are many cases where remedies have been purchased at the expense of judges or court staff”.

As reported, on March 26, the VSP adopted an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the plight with financial support for the courts, other organs and institutions of the judiciary.

The appeal notes that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the courts as public authorities whose work cannot be suspended, must allocate additional funds in the amount of 154.9 million UAH for the purchase of protective and disinfection equipment, which cannot be purchased today due to a large expenditure deficit.

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The VSP hopes that the problem of the deficit in operating costs to ensure the implementation of legal procedures by local and appeal courts, in particular to take measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, will be resolved by amendments to the law “On the budget of Ukraine for 2020”.

In Ukraine, on the morning of April 1, 669 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the laboratory, including 17 fatal (4 during the last day), 10 patients recovered. 120 new cases were confirmed daily. Mainly infected in the regions of Chernivtsi – 104, Ternopol – 98, Ivano-Frankivsk – 64.

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