The Interior Ministry said when in Ukraine there will be a peak of the disease on the coronavirus




According to the deputy head of the interior ministry, Anton Gerashchenko, the most difficult period will await us in mid-April.

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This is reported by the “NPF” referring to ““.

“According to our calculations, the peak of the epidemic in Ukraine will fall from April 15 to 25. This is why we are talking about a possible extension of the quarantine until mid-May. Indeed, the sole objective of quarantine is to stop the epidemic, when each patient can infect 3 to 4 people before a diagnosis is even made. According to statistics, the epidemic will stop when such a patient does not infect anyone before the virus is detected. “

Anton Gerashchenko also noted that the effectiveness of quarantine is determined by two conditions – testing and self-isolation:

“China, Singapore, Thailand have been able to stop the epidemic. We know that for this, China took 2.5 months from the time the first case was established.

But it also requires the conscience of the citizens. People need to understand that now they are responsible not only for themselves, but also for other residents of the country. Without a good understanding of the situation, we will remain in quarantine for a long time and lose more and more people. “

Recall, earlier Avakov said that the quarantine in Ukraine could be extended until mid-May.

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