The introduction of a single electronic ticket in Kiev is delayed again: what is the reason


Single electronic tickets in Kiev can be earned on 1 January 2021


The Kyiv city administration is set to postpone the introduction of a single electronic ticket in the city’s public transport until 1 January 2021. Thus, the city government wants to enable the government to develop an amendment to the law on the provision of travel benefits for privileged categories of citizens.

According to the official Portal Kiev, the goal of introducing an e-ticket is to reduce cash circulation in transportation, as well as accounting for passengers, from misuse of budget funds, including privileged categories for efficient organization of traffic and determining the amount of compensation to carriers Had to escape. The trial of a single electronic ticket began in 2018, and since then, city officials have made it possible to issue Kiev cards for all privileged categories of city residents who are entitled to free travel. For each beneficiary who has a Kiev Citizen Card, officials compensate the carrier for the fare from the city budget.

However, as noted by the deputy head of the Kiev City State Administration, Marina Honda, the city faced a problem that must be resolved at the state level. Since 2015, travel compensation for preferential categories of citizens has been excluded from the local budget. According to the law of Ukraine the number of people of Kyiv entitled to privileged travel is around 240,000 people, as well as 480,000 pensioners who can exercise the right to free travel. Kiev will continue to provide low fares to these citizens. But the capital budget cannot cover the cost of travel for beneficiaries from other regions of Ukraine. Therefore, the city government calls for resolving the issue at the state level.

Marina Honda
Deputy Chief of Kiev City State Administration

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From 1 April, recall, new types of tickets began to operate in the public transport of the capital. For travel, a blue Kiev smart card must be used, on which you can record up to 100 trips (but no more than 50 at a time). The cost of each trip will range from 6.50 UAH to 8.00 UAH depending on the amount of reimbursement.

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