The Kremlin has strongly threatened Ukraine: Moscow is ready to take extreme measures



Putin’s team has been a serious threat to Ukraine over Naftogaz’s plans to start developing the Black Sea shelf off the coast of occupied Crimea.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Russia has seized the Black Sea plateau.
The Kremlin attacked Ukraine with strong threats from the Black Sea plateau. Photo:

Naftozaz management has announced its intention to produce oil and gas on the Black Sea plateau. The Kremlin believes that only Russia has rights on the shelf.

As one of the deputies of the Crimean Russian Duma, Mikhail Sheremet, has said, all kinds of attempts to start working on the shelf without “demarcating borders” on the Ukrainian side will be severely hampered by Russia. .

The Russian politician suggests that the Russian Federation could use military force.

“Any attempt to intervene will be considered on our side as an act of aggression against Russia”, He said, alluding to the possibility of using military force.

As you know, after the occupation of Crimea, Russia seized drilling rigs, the company Chernomorneftegaz, which belonged to Ukraine and actually took over.

According to experts, the damage caused by the occupation of Crimea by Russia is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia had taken emergency fighter jets in the air.



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