The Kremlin proposed a new “horror story” for the Russians: Viktor Nebozhenko on the changes in Russian propaganda



The horror stories of the Kremlin changed the subject and the direction from Ukraine to the United States.

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Vladimir Putin sympathizes with the United States.
The Kremlin is quietly delighted at the events taking place in the United States. Photo:

America is on fire, in all states, the protests have already become a real confrontation between the population and the authorities. According to political analyst Viktor Nebozhenko, that pleases Putin and his team.

As Nebozhenko noted, the Kremlin propagandists changed direction and temporarily spread to America. If the former Russians had scared Ukraine and Bandera, they are now scared of the United States.

In addition, while the propaganda world of the Kremlin despised Ukraine, while stressing that it could not defend itself against Russian aggression and “brother-neighbor” wickedness due to the betrayal of the elite pro-Russian policy, then the United States, in the current situation, probably will be treated with condescending pity and will rejoice quietly.

According to Nebozhenko, the Kremlin has apparently not yet understood that the events in the United States are not a civil war, on which the Kremlin is counting. In the United States, American perestroika begins.

Something like this, with outbreaks of aggression and hatred, Gorbachev’s Perestroika (events in Ferghana, Sumgait, Baku, Tbilisi, Vilnius, Almaty) started.

Putin probably does not yet have the feeling that Russia is on the verge of Perestroika-2, of which he laid the groundwork at the same time launching his constitutional reform with a monstrous social and economic crisis.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia there was a catastrophe of universal proportions, Putin is furious.



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