The Kremlin responded by scandal to Putin’s note: the Russian leader does not believe in the new record



In the Russian Federation, a scandal has been raised due to the record drop in popularity of Vladimir Putin. The Bloomberg agency said that according to new polls, the rating of the head of the Russian Federation fell to 27%.

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Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference at Bloomberg.

Rates so low in the past 14 years have not yet been. The American publication refers to Russian sociologists VTsIOM, but in the Russian Federation came out with a brutal refutation of new statistics. The Russian Embassy in the United States is demanding a public apology for depreciating the level of popular support for Putin. Russia insists that posting such low scores is disrespectful to readers. Putin’s associates do not believe in a new anti-record, they insist that the popularity of Putin is now 67.9%.

As an argument in the Russian Federation, they say that the conflict arose in connection with different voting methods. Russian experts say the question “do you trust Putin?” 67% of citizens respond positively. In turn, when asked “name the politicians you trust”, only 27% call Putin’s name among others.

Recall, as previously stated, Russia has announced a “crusade” – Klimkin explained how Putin wanted to solve the problems in the country.



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