The Kremlin will pay a heavy price: the European Union has powerfully responded to Putin



The European Union continues to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin for rash decisions against Ukraine.

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The EU has again punished Putin.
The European Union has responded forcefully to Putin for the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbas. Photo:

The Council of the EU has decided to extend the anti-Russian sanctions by one year because the Kremlin, despite pressure from the West, will not return Crimea to Ukrainian control.

The sanctions have been extended until June 23, 2021. The Kremlin will pay a high price for them, as they will have a negative impact on a large number of vital areas of activity in Crimea.

The information on this news was reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

“Today, the Council of the EU has extended the sanctions against the Russian Federation for the illegal occupation of Crimea until June 2021. I am grateful for this decision. Pressure must be increased for violation of human rights, “passporting”, launch of rail communication through the Kerch Strait, illegal voting in Crimea “, – the minister wrote on Twitter.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also noted that on June 19, the Council of the EU plans to extend another package of anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the occupation of certain areas of the Donbas.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin’s insidious plans for Crimea and the Donbass had been leaked.



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