The main goal of cyberbaitax in 2020: what do hackers hunt for


Cybercriminals start working more for promotion, but not for espionage


Verizon has presented an annual report on cybercrime, according to which spying of espionage was the main cause of data theft on the Financial Promotion Network last year.

The report reported that 9 out of 10 leaks (86%) were financially motivated. Accreditation of credential theft, phishing and business emails accounted for 67% of cyber attacks. Such findings are based on the study of more than 32 thousand incidents and about 7 thousand confirmed hacks in .1 countries.

As the coronavirus virus epidemic forces people to work remotely, cyber attacks on enterprises are expected to increase. Web and cloud applications are 43% more intrusive. This is a double increase from the previous year.

Companies such as Facebook and Salesforce have expanded their work far and wide, at least by the end of the year, and many are expected to follow suit. Verizon Business Group CEO Tammy Erwin said that the “digital transformation” of the “work at home” model during the coronovirus epidemic has revealed several red security flags that have not yet been addressed.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, Ukraine’s security service identified a hacker in Ivano-Frankivsk by the nickname “Sanics”. Earlier last year, he caught the attention of world cyber security experts by posting a forum on an announcement about the sale of a database with 773 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords.

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