The main problems of Ukrainians in quarantine are named


How Nationwide Quarantine Affects Finance, Savings and Citizens

Ukrainians talked about a quarantine difficulties – a survey. Photo:

A 90% survey of Ukrainians noted that with the introduction of quarantine, they faced new problems, specifically, financial ones. Has been reported Interfax In terms of results, the results of the third wave of the survey, which were conducted by the Research and Branding Group from April 11 to 17, 2020.

Top 4 main difficulties of stored Ukrainians:

  1. Financial Problems – 39%
  2. Health care of loved ones – 25%
  3. Lack of transport links between cities – 22%
  4. Concern due to uncertainty of situation – 19%

Currently, a significant portion (45%) of Ukrainians surveyed say they have no savings. Most savings owners (30%) believe they will be sufficient for more than 1 month of residence.

One in four Ukrainian respondents continued to work (24%), and one in six (16%) worked remotely. Also, according to the data, 47% of respondents believe that their life will not change after quarantine as a whole, 44% believe it will change to a greater or lesser extent.

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It was first known how much Ukraine cost in quarantine month and what will happen to the country’s economy. Thus, according to investment company Concord Capital, if the quarantine persists until the middle of June, the country could suffer a 7% loss of GDP. It is estimated that the average annual exchange rate will be UAH $ 27.5 per dollar due to improvements in the country’s foreign trade balance and “zarobitchans” money transfer, which transfers approximately $ 12 billion to Ukraine annually. This year, the transfer of Ukrainians from abroad will be less, since many since. He lost his job and returned home. At the same time, it is noted that the haste of quarantine measures may lead to double the economic losses due to the deployment of coronovirus epidemics.

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