The main step towards victory over the Russian Federation: in Ukraine they talked about a peaceful way to restore territories



Ukrainian political forces have called the main step for the return of their territories. The Permanent Representative of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna, Yevgeny Tsymbalyuk, revealed the details of the plan for the peaceful return of the territories of Ordlo.

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It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

Tsymbalyuk is convinced that at this stage of restoring the integrity of Ukraine, the main task is to abolish Russian laws, currency and the tax system. He stressed that without it, the humanitarian, social and economic spheres, and of course the security sphere, would continue to suffer.

“We must achieve the abolition of Russian laws on temporarily uncontrolled land. In addition, it is important to organize an inventory of public and private properties in the Donbass. This applies to businesses of all forms of ownership. Particular attention should be paid to branches of banking institutions and to eliminate the consequences of their capture by supporters of the Russian Federation, “said Tsymbalyuk.

Recall, as previously stated, Putin turned to intelligent people – the Kremlin commented on the new tactics of the President of the Russian Federation.



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