The media has established the position of the top manager of the saved wirecard


The company’s former COO has been called “one of the world’s most wanted criminals”.

The media found the location of the fugitive director of Wirecard. Photo:

Investigations by The Insider and Bellingcat, Germans der Spiegel and McLatchie Published A joint story about Jane Marslake, a former COO of Wirecard, who is now on the international wanted list. According to journalists, the fugitive may be in Belarus.

It is reported that in a conversation with a former colleague of his, Marslake, where he lives, “the same people have been in power for the last 25 years.”

According to customs figures, he flew to Belarus in a private plane in June this year and did not leave the country after that. Journalists learned that Marslake could fly from Tallinn to Minsk, where he could meet Austria or Germany. Two hours after landing in Minsk, the aircraft flew to Vitebsk. It is believed that the former top manager may still be in this city.

Earlier in 2019, financial Times reporters discovered discrepancies in the financial papers of the Singapore branch of Wirecard – including strange deals and fake contracts. The UAE and Ireland subsidiaries also had reporting problems. Auditors’ investigation revealed that the company’s accounts were deficient by about 2 billion euros. They should have been kept in accounts in Asia – the 40-year-old chief operating officer of Wirecard, Austrian Jan Marslake, was in charge of activities in the region. He was fired after discovering a “hole” in the German payment giant’s accounts for 1.9 billion euros.

CEO Marcus Brown was also fired – he was soon arrested on charges of wirecard reports and market manipulation. Also this summer, law enforcement officers detained in Dubai’s Oliver Balenhas – chief of CardSystem (a subsidiary of Wirecard) on suspicion of fraud.

Meanwhile, Marsalake promised to the allies that he would find the missing money and prove his innocence. Immigration records showed that she actually flew to Manila and from there to China. An investigation by Philippine authorities later revealed that the record had been tampered with. Authorities in Germany and Austria, as well as intelligence services from other countries, began searching for financiers, on suspicion of ties with Russian intelligence. The reporter said that Wirecard may have handled the transfer of funds to finance Russian private military companies in Africa.

The author of the investigation calls Marslake “one of the world’s most wanted criminals”.

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Earlier, we wrote that on 25 June, German electronic payment and financial services provider, Wirecard, filed a claim for bankruptcy. The reason was that a “hole” in the company’s accounts in the amount of $ 2.1 billion was identified. Thus, Wirecard became the first of the blue-chip companies included in the most important German stock index Dax, which went bankrupt. All company accounts are blocked.

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