The media movement is scandalized by the call to question the editor-in-chief of the agency Slіdstvo.Info



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The media movement is scandalized by the call to question the editor-in-chief of the agency Slіdstvo.Info


09/05/2020 01:29


Ukrainian media and non-governmental organizations, journalists participating in the media movement are outraged by the actions of the Main Investigation Department of the national police, which plans to interrogate the editor-in-chief of the investigative agency Sldstvo.Info Anna Babinets.

This is stated in the statement of the media movement “Media for Conscious Choice”, published by the “Media Detector”.

“According to the information published, the interrogation should take place in a case initiated by the deputy of the people Alexander Dubinsky through a request for information concerning his contacts with people close to the American president Donald Trump. The deputy of the party “Servant of the People” personally delivered his appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, after which an investigation began on “Sl_dstva.Info”, the statement said.

The media movement views these police actions as pressure on the independent media. Furthermore, the signatories stress, calling a journalist for questioning through a request for information sent negatively affects the international image of Ukraine and places it on the same level as authoritarian countries, where freedom of expression is overlooked.

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In this regard, the Media Movement recalls that two months ago, when it became aware of the above-mentioned case against investigative journalists, a number of international organizations, including Reporters Without Borders and CPJ, condemned the actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

“For our part, we urge President Vladimir Zelensky and Minister Arsen Avakov not to forget that Ukraine is a democratic state, where a journalist cannot be called to the police simply because he exercises his direct professional duties – he requests information from the official. Such actions are perceived by both the Ukrainian and the global journalistic community as pressure on the independent media, “write the authors of the statement.

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They also called on the Interior Ministry and Arsen Avakov personally not to resort to actions that could be seen as intimidating journalists – instead, “direct their efforts to investigate real criminal cases, including dozens of attacks on journalists. “

As indicated, in early March, the agency Slіdstvo.Info announced an attempt to pressure journalists in connection with the opening of criminal proceedings on documents submitted to the Interior Ministry by MP Dubinsky.

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