The Ministry of Education and Science has refuted the transition from schools to distance education



The Ministry of Education and Science has refuted the transition from schools to distance education

The Ministry of Education and Science has refuted the transition from schools to distance education


06/23.2020 23:10


The Ministry of Education and Science has denied reports that, since September 1, 2020, students are switching to distance education.

This was declared by the Minister of Education and Science Lyubomir Mandziy, reports the government portal.

“MON does not transfer schools to compulsory distance education. The decision as to whether the students will be able to return to their desks on September 1 safely will be made by the TEB and the Emergency Committee and the Chief Medical Officer of Health based on the epidemiological situation and at the earliest in August, closer to the start of the school year. Now MES is preparing for the new school year. In particular, in collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we prepare the requirements for the work of schools in the event of a pandemic – according to the rules of disinfection, the preparation of premises, the stay of students in school, etc. Said Mandziy.

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The ministry is also systematizing the experience of the educational process using remote technologies during quarantine in March-May 2020 and updating the legislation so that students, teachers and principals can understand how to work during quarantine and in case of pandemic.

This concerns in particular the regulations on the distance form for general secondary education, the draft of which has been proposed for public discussion. The document aims to regulate the characteristics of distance education precisely in general secondary schools, in particular, on the basis of the experience acquired during distance education in quarantine at the end of the year 2019/2020 school year.

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“The distance education regulations were approved in 2013. And the forced transition to the distant format during the COVID-19 pandemic showed weaknesses in school education. Therefore, we are now working to ensure that distance education meets the real needs and capacities of students and teachers. This applies to the organization of the educational process, the development of teachers and, above all, the technical capacities of students and teachers, ”added Lyubomira Mandziy.

As reported by Ukrinform in Ukraine, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, quarantine was introduced on March 12 and all educational institutions were closed.

Until July 31, in accordance with the government decision, adaptive quarantine is in effect. In particular, it is prohibited to attend educational establishments by its beneficiaries in groups of more than 10 people, except for participation in the final state certification in the form of an independent external evaluation, an evaluation independent external, entrance exams, a single entrance exam in a foreign language, a single professional entrance exam, certification in the form of test exams of exams integrated under license “CROC” , as well as the implementation of certification of qualifications of seafarers, training of seafarers, crew members of merchant ships, including those who navigate the waterways of Ukraine, and training captains of small / small vessels.

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