The Ministry of Education recalls that the UPR will take place in all circumstances



The Ministry of Education recalls that the UPR will take place in all circumstances

An independent external evaluation according to the quarantine period can take place from June 25 to July 17 or from August 17 to September 4.

This was announced in a video message from the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Egor Stadny.

“The quarantine has changed the training process, but the UPR will take place in all circumstances. If the quarantine is completed before the beginning of June, the main session of the UPR will be held between June 25 and July 17 “If quarantine lasts until early August, the main UPR session will be between August 17 and September 4,” said Yegor Stadny.

He added that the UPR allows transparent and honest admission to higher education institutions and, in the event of a pandemic, is a safer option for entrance exams than for exams.

“Last year 145,000 candidates entered the baccalaureate, each of them submitted several applications, a total of 900,000 applications. 70% of them were submitted to universities in seven cities – Kiev, Kharkov , Lviv, Dnipro and Odessa. If someone decided to cancel VNO, hundreds of thousands of applicants and their parents would go to other cities to take the entrance exams, they would meet in large numbers in classrooms, but WNV is 15 participants and two instructors in the audience and at least 1.5 meters away from each other.

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The Deputy Minister urged grade 11 students to use quarantine to prepare for the UPR. This can be done independently and through online courses, as well as courses on the Kiev, Rada and YouTube channels of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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As Ukrinform reported, since March 12, 2020, quarantine has been introduced in Ukraine as part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus infection. It will be valid until April 24, but, according to the head of government, it will most likely be extended.

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