The Ministry of Health announced details of the detected cases of coronavirus infection in Ukraine


Details of the coronavirus in Ukraine.



In the Kirovograd region, which remained free from coronavirus until yesterday, the first four cases of infection have been confirmed.

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Details of the coronavirus in Ukraine.
Lyashko gave details on the situation of the coronavirus in Ukraine. Photo:

On March 29, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko released information on the situation of the coronavirus in the country.

According to him, in Ukraine, 418 confirmed cases of corvirus infection have already been recorded.

“Most of the cases in the past day have been recorded in the Cherkasy region – 43 cases. If we take it from the beginning of the epidemic, then most of the cases are registered in Kiev – 82, as well as in the Ternopil region – 57 cases “, – said the state doctor.

Lyashko also said that over the past day, people between the ages of 31 and 40 were the most affected – 22% of all cases.

In general, the maximum number of cases (60%) of COVID-19 coronavirus was recorded in the age group of 31 to 60 years.

Earlier, it was pointed out that the consequences for Ukraine could be catastrophic.

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