The Ministry of Health does not plan to buy “Novator” ventilation machines for hospitals – Stepanov



The Ministry of Health does not plan to buy “Novator” ventilation machines for hospitals – Stepanov

05.16.2020 10:52


The Ministry of Health has never planned to purchase Novator pulmonary ventilation devices for use in a hospital.

This was announced by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov during a briefing on COVID-19, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Regarding Novator devices, at the Ministry of Health, even the idea had never been to buy these devices specifically for hospitals. Nobody thought of doing it. Hopefully this information will reassure anesthesiologists. What Novator produces is a modernized Ambu bag, registered as a non-invasive mobile ventilator. It can be used in emergencies, for example, with emergency care to drive the patient to the hospital, where the patient will be connected to a mechanical ventilation device, ”said Stepanov.

As he noted, with regard to the mechanical ventilation devices that the Department of Health plans to purchase, consultations with anesthesiologists have already taken place.

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“If we are talking about ventilation devices, we have held consultations and received conclusions from our anesthesiologists, one of the country’s leading anesthetists, Mr. Dubrov, on the use of the devices we are going to buy, which they whether or not suitable for our hospital, “said the Minister.

He stressed that the expertise of doctors is always taken into account when making decisions at the Ministry of Health.

Earlier media reports indicated that the Ukrainian Ministry of Health had authorized the state-owned company Novator (Khmelnitsky) to produce mechanical ventilation devices (IVL).

As reported by Ukrinform, as of May 16, 17,858 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine. For a day – 528 new ones.

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