The Ministry of Health explained where Ukrainians are most often infected with coronavirus



The Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has analyzed all cases of infection in the country and made the results public.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

93% of infections occurred in Ukraine.
Where and how are most often infected with coronavirus in Ukraine. Photo:

In most cases, 93%, it turned out that Ukrainians were infected with coronavirus in their country of origin and only 7% were infected from abroad.

The Ministry of Health has also recalled that coronavirus is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets and contact pathways – that is, by small drops that are released from the respiratory tract of a sick person during coughing or sneezing.

“These drops spread about a meter from the patient and can fall on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth of another person nearby.” – specified by experts.

It should not be forgotten that the symptoms of an infected person appear later and that they can infect others without knowing it.

It should be recalled that on the morning of April 23, in Ukraine, 7,170 people had a coronavirus. It was not until the last day that the number of people infected increased by 578 people. The most infected in the capital are 1,059 confirmed cases.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev a critical situation in hospitals.

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