The Ministry of Health has predicted the peak of the epidemic: events will develop very quickly



According to forecasts from the Ministry of Health, the peak of the coronavirus epidemic could occur in mid-April, so the Ukrainians should be particularly careful before the end of the month.

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has predicted the peak of the epidemic.
The peak of the epidemic is expected in mid-April, special precautions are required. Photo:

This information was traditionally expressed by the health official of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko. According to him, the peak of COVID-19 is expected from April 14 to 15. During this period, an increase in the number of infections and massive admission of critically ill patients to hospitals is possible.

Lyashko stressed that only quarantine can save the day.

“Don’t give in to a deceptive sense of security”, – called the head nurse.

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“Our task is to consciously relate to the situation and, first of all, to protect our health in order to resist the medical system”, – said Victor Lyashko.

It is mandatory to respect the security measures in overcrowded places: wear a mask and gloves, disinfect your hands, do not touch your face with your hands and so on.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine would not sit on the sofa for two months.

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