The Ministry of Health reminded that visitors to Ukraine must respect the 14-day self-isolation



Maxim Stepanov noted that visitors to the country must install the DIY house application and adhere to a two-week self-isolation.

Maxim Stepanov
Maxim Stepanov. Photo –

On this subject, one can read “MFN” in reference to a briefing by the Minister of Health:

“Anyone who comes to Ukraine is required to purge a 14-day self-isolation, by installing the“ DIY at home ”application. If a person is not able to install the application or there is no room to serve self-isolation, then there will be an observation. “

There are observation sites, noted the Minister, in each region. Stepanov also added that at the time of self-isolation, a person should not see other people.

Note that at present, international communication in Ukraine has not resumed and tourists cannot enter the country. But Ukrainians can easily cross the national border.

Recall that the Ministry of Health announced a further relaxation of quarantine from June 10.



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