The Ministry of Health will present this week the concept of epidemic protection service



The Ministry of Health will present this week the concept of epidemic protection service

The Ministry of Health will present this week the concept of epidemic protection service

05/06.2020 19:17


The Ministry of Health plans this week to introduce a concept for the development of an epidemiological protection service.

About it in an interview with Today, said the Deputy Minister of Health, chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko.

“This week, if all goes well with the epidemiological situation, we will present our vision of developing and restoring our state’s epidemic protection service. There are several interesting options, but they must be discussed with the minister and the Prime Minister, “said Lyashko.

He stated that after the creation of the position of chief medical officer of health, it had been decided to authorize the heads of laboratories of the Ministry of Health, who carry out research on coronaviruses and epidemiological investigations, to exercise the functions of state doctors.

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“The law allows them to initiate restrictive anti-epidemic measures during the epidemic. That is, they apply to local authorities, who must consider and apply certain restrictions, including for economic activities. So far, neither inspection nor licensing functions for regional medical officers of health have been affected, “said Lyashko.

At the same time, he noted that in the near future, changes to the medical guarantees program for infectious services will be announced.

“The restoration of the epidemiological protection system in the country is also one of the stages in the preparation of a possible second wave of coronavirus … The anti-epidemic system must be financed, including for preparation for the response. We must consciously spend considerable sums to maintain a network of institutions in the event of an epidemic, so that we are ready to help patients, “said the deputy minister.

Earlier, Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said that Ukraine plans to create a European standard health and epidemiological service, but it would not be the central executive authority.

In March 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers liquidated the State Health and Epidemiological Service, explaining this decision, in particular by the fact that its functions are already exercised by the Ministry of Health, the State Labor Service and the National Food and Beverage Service.

In February 2020, after an epidemic of coronavirus, the government appointed the Deputy Minister of Health, Viktor Lyashko, Chief Medical Officer of State.

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