The Ministry of Justice plans a “prison sale” for the summer and the fall – Malyuska



The Ministry of Justice plans a “prison sale” for the summer and the fall – Malyuska

06.06.2020 19:28


The Ministry of Justice plans to sell prisons that are not currently in use.

This was announced by Minister of Justice Denis Malyuk in an interview with Radio Liberty.

According to him, this week, the Ministry of Justice “frozen” nine prisons and plans to put them on sale.

“We are really reducing the number of prisons. We are” freezing “nine prisons this week. There are dozens of other facilities we are ready to put on sale. I sincerely hope that the Verkhovna Rada will pass a bill this summer which allows it. It is in fact registered. in Rada. Consequently, we anticipate a big sale of prisons during this summer-autumn, “informed the minister.

He explained that it is not a question of selling prisons in which criminals are detained, but complexes that are not used, but the state maintains them at the expense of taxpayers.

According to Malyushka, to launch this process, the Verkhovna Rada must adopt an appropriate law.

“We would like to sell much more than there is demand. But the most interesting stories to sell are Lviv. There are two institutions in the city which can potentially be sold and which will be expensive,” he said. he declares.

At the same time, the main interest of buyers will be the land and not the premises, added the minister. These sales mainly concern pre-trial detention centers, but the Ministry of Justice also has frozen prisons which it plans to sell.

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As previously reported, the Ministry of Justice has also not ruled out the transfer of the Lukyanovsky pretrial detention center outside Kiev.

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